Ezra wearing an 8 Minute Cape Cod shirt at GQ Live, December, 2018

A running joke centering around the idea of Vampire Weekend performing an eight minute long version of their song "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa", similar to how the Grateful Dead would 'jam out' their songs in concert. The joke has been referenced many times on the show, has appeared on Time Crisis t-shirts, and is the origin of the Time Crisis e-mail address. In their summer 2018 shows, Vampire Weekend did perform some lenghtier versions of "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" which reached eight minutes or more.


Episode No. Date Details
47 July 16, 2017 An eight minute version of "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" is proposed, launching the phrase "8 Minute Cape Cod"
83 December 16, 2018 Ezra and Jake mention their 8 Minute Cape Cod shirts
86 February 10, 2019 Jake comes up with a new t-shirt idea which says "8 Minute Cape Cod" on the front, and "Rock's played out, dawg." on the back
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