Asher Sarlin, known on Time Crisis as Cousin Asher, is a New York based graphic designer, and Ezra's second cousin. He has done design work for Vampire Weekend's first three albums, as well as stage backdrops and merchandise, and design work for Discovery's first album. He is one of the original hosts of Time Crisis, along with Despot, and makes appearances infrequently after the show's move to LA.

Social Media

Twitter - @ashersarlin
Instagram - @asarlin


Episode No. Date Details
2 July 26, 2015
8 October 18, 2015
14 January 31, 2016 Politics special
18 May 22, 2016 Dark history of Frito Lay
19 June 5, 2016 Juggalos and PepsiCo


Episode No. Date Details
1 July 12, 2015

He is mentioned in the intro as being one of the hosts but does not make an appearance in this episode

3 August 9, 2015 Ezra and Despot mourn his absence
4 August 23, 2015 Absence is mentioned
5 September 6, 2015 Absence is mentioned
7 October 4, 2015 Absence is mentioned
9 November 1, 2015 Absence is mentioned
16 April 24, 2016 Ezra quotes Asher, saying, "Everything is cyclical except technology."
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