"Time Crisis, back again in 2020. On today's very special episode, Jake and I unite and for the first time we talk to Chris Kaskie - a co-founder of Pitchfork music festival and the writer of the infamous Jet review. We also talk to Amy Brown, former Wendy's social media specialist, and hear about her wild ride when it came to virality and savagely clapping back. This is a 2020 Time Crisis."



  • Chris Kaskie - former Pitchfork president
  • Amy Brown - Social Media Manager at Wendy's


Ezra and Jake begin the new TC season by talking about working on New Year's and Vampire Weekend's Australian tour. Ezra discusses the "f it" vibe of 2020 in contrast to the self-care vibe of the past several years. Bernie's longtime support of Phish is detalied, along with other politicians' misguided interest in jam bands. A deep dive into celebrity donations preceeds and interview with Chis Kaskie where he talks about his work with Picthfork and his infamous 2006 review of Jet's album Shine On. Amy Brown calls in to discuss her work with Wendy's Twitter. During the Top Five, the Crew discuss the rise in "baby" artists and the storm over Justin Bieber's "Yummy".




Top Five

  1. "The Box" - Roddy Ricch
  2. "Life Is Good (feat. Drake)" - Future
  3. "Sum 2 Prove" - Lil Baby
  4. "High Fashion (feat. Mustard)" - Roddy Ricch
  5. "Dance Monkey" - Tones and I
  1. "Grillz (feat. Paul Wall & Ali & Gipp)" - Nelly
  2. "Run It! (feat. Julez Santana)" - Chris Brown
  3. "Check On It (feat. Slim Thug)" - Beyoncé
  4. "Don't Forget About Us" - Maria Carey
  5. "Photograph" - Nickelback

Songs Played

  • "One of Us" - ABBA
  • "I'm Shipping up to Boston" - Dropkick Murphys
  • "Be Healthy" - Dead Prez
  • "Jamflowman" - Twiddle
  • "U.S. Blues" - Grateful Dead
  • "Song for the Orca" - Travis Morrison
  • "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" - Jet
  • "Rest in Grease" - at Wendys
  • "Photograph" - Nickelback
  • "Dance Monkey" - Tones and I
  • "Don't Forget About Us" - Maria Carey
  • "High Fashion (feat. Mustard)" - Roddy Ricch
  • "Check On It (feat. Slim Thug)" - Beyoncé
  • "Sum 2 Prove" - Lil Baby
  • "Run It! (feat. Julez Santana)" - Chris Brown
  • "Life Is Good (feat. Drake)" - Future
  • "Grillz (feat. Paul Wall & Ali & Gipp)" - Nelly
  • "The Box" - Roddy Ricch
  • "Yummy" - Justin Bieber
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