2019 Vampire Weekend Earth Day shirt

"Time Crisis, back again in 2021. The year's changed, but the topics have not. We'll be talking about Herm Yarl, Phish, Better Than Ezra, and so much more. This is a brand new TC, the first of '21. Welcome back to Time Crisis."



  • Dave Ferch - Owner of Split Open and Melt, Phish-themed restaurant
  • Jack Endino - producer and musician


The Crew discuss a the eBay listing of a rare Vampire Weekend shirt from a 2019 Earth Day performance before getting on the phone with the owner of Split Open and Melt - a music-themed bagel shop in Florida named after a Phish song. Jake asks about Furbys and the toys are discussed as being early examples of artificial intelligence. Following a tangent about Creed and baseball, producer and "yarl" expert Jack Endino joins to discuss the distinctive style of singing. He and Jake share a moment when they realize they are from the same county in Connecticut, and conversation turns to grunge music and Starbucks. The Crew do a deep dive into The Presidents of the United States song "Peaches", and find it to be either a song that is plainly about fruit or a Marxist allegory. After an alternative 1995 Top Five the episode closes with brief talk about nominative determinism and snakes.



Fun Facts

This episode was recorded via FaceTime, with none of the hosts in the same room, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further Reading

Jack Endino's article on "yarling": http://www.endino.com/archive/yarl.html


Top Five

Billboard Alternative chart 1995

  1. "When I Come Around" - Green Day
  2. "Better Man" - Pearl Jam
  3. "Bang and Blame" - R.E.M.
  4. "Buddy Holly" - Weezer
  5. "Love Spreads" - The Stone Roses

Songs Played

  • "One of Us" - ABBA
  • "Hunger Strike" - Temple of the Dog
  • "Split Open and Melt" - Phish
  • "Sparkle" - Phish
  • "Marlins Will Soar" - Scott Stapp
  • "About a Girl" - Nirvana
  • "You Oughta Know" - Alanis Morissette
  • "Daughter (Live)" - Pearl Jam
  • "Rumble" - Jack Endino
  • "Peaches" - The Presidents of the United States
  • "Love Spreads" - The Stone Roses
  • "Buddy Holly" - Weezer
  • "Bang and Blame" - R.E.M.
  • "Better Man" - Pearl Jam
  • "Save It for Later" - The English Beat
  • "Tenderness" - General Public
  • "When I Come Around" - Green Day
  • "Good" - Better Than Ezra
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