Recording of Bernie Sanders: "Let me just say this to you with as much conviction as I can - I did talk to people who put their lives on the line and some came back without arms and legs to defend American democracy. Football, unless you're a player, is a spectator sport. Democracy is not a spectator sport."



  • McKay Coppins - journalist and author
  • Dan Schnur - political educator and communications specialist
  • Luis Calderin - Bernie Sanders campaign staffer
  • Jake Longstreth - painter and Time Crisis co-host
  • Dave Longstreth - singer and guitarist of Dirty Projectors
  • Iowa Hawkapellas - University of Iowa a capella group
  • Kenny Lucas - comedian and actor
  • Keith Lucas - comedian and actor
  • Chris Tomson (CT) - drummer of Vampire Weekend


Ezra features many guests and asks their opinions on politics and their chosen candidate for the 2016 presidential election. The first half of the episode takes place in New York with Cousin Asher and Despot weighing in on Bernie Sanders. The second half of the episode features various clips before, after, and during the Bernie Sanders rally in Iowa City. Ezra performs during the rally with Jake, Dave, and CT.



Fun Facts

This episode does not feature a spoken intro by Ezra but instead features an audio clip from Bernie Sanders.

The Iowa segment was recorded on January 30th, 2016.


“You ready to dive into the nasty, disgusting world of politricks?” - Ezra


Songs Played

  • "One of Us" - ABBA
  • "America" - Simon & Garfunkel
  • "Back Stabbers" - The O'Jays
  • "Sorry" - Justin Bieber
  • “Barack Obama” - Cocoa Tea
  • "Politics" - Eek-A-Mouse
  • "Never Scared (feat. Killer Mike & T.I.) [Club Mix]" - Bone Crusher
  • "No More Parties in LA (feat. Kendrick Lamar)" - Kanye West
  • "Porno Muzik" - Max B
  • “ISBD” - Zelooperz
  • "This Land Is Your Land" - Woody Guthrie
  • "Waiting Room" - Fugazi
  • “House of Bricks” - Despot
  • "Born in the U.S.A." - Bruce Springsteen
  • “Swing Lo Magellan” - Dirty Projectors
  • "Burnin' for You" - Blue Öyster Cult
  • "Unbelievers (Live)" - Ezra Koenig & the Iowa Hawkapellas
  • "I Miss My Homies" - Master P
  • "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (Live)" - Ezra Koenig & the Iowa Hawkapellas
  • “A Quick One, While He’s Away” - The Who
  • "Rockin' In the Free World" - Neil Young
  • "This Land Is Your Land (Live)" - Vampire Weekend & Dirty Projectors
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