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"Time Crisis eight. We finally made it. I'm back in New York, and that means I'm back with Despot and Cousin Asher. But that's not all - we'll be joined by legendary actor/writer Jonah Hill, and legendary rapper/singer iLoveMakonnen. We'll also be counting down the hits and talking about the surprising connection between Adolf Hitler, Drake, and the Taliban. This is Time Crisis."



  • Jonah Hill - actor and writer
  • iLoveMakonnen - rapper and singer


It's autumn in New York and the Crew talk Drake's possible Halloween costume, video games, and James Bond. Jonah Hill stops in for a chat about Selena, and iLoveMakonnen closes out the show with a discussion about his work and A$AP Rocky.



Ezra plays drops of Siri's speak feature reading emojis aloud upon Despot's recommendation. For example, 🔥 is read as "fire"; 😎 is read as "smiling face with sunglasses".


Top Five

  1. "Hotline Bling" - Drake
  2. "The Hills" - The Weeknd
  3. "The Hills (feat. Eminem) [Remix]" - The Weeknd
  4. "Wildest Dreams" - Taylor Swift
  5. "Stitches" - Shawn Mendes

Songs Played

  • "One of Us" - ABBA
  • "Where Your Girl At" - iLoveMakonnen
  • "Someday" - The Strokes
  • "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" - The White Stripes
  • "Look At Wrist (feat. Ilovemakonnen & Key)" - Father
  • "Jumpman" - Drake & Future
  • "Cha Cha" - DRAM
  • "Live and Let Die" - Wings
  • "You Only Live Twice (Main Title)" - Nancy Sinatra
  • "Nobody Does It Better" - Carly Simon
  • "Stitches" - Shawn Mendes
  • "Wildest Dreams" - Taylor Swift
  • "The Hills (feat. Eminem) [Remix]" - The Weeknd
  • "The Hills" - The Weeknd
  • "Hotline Bling" - Drake
  • "Cuando Suena El Bling" - Fuego
  • "I Can See Clearly Now" - Johnny Nash
  • "It Was a Good Day" - Ice Cube
  • "Como la Flor" - Selena
  • "God's Child" - David Byrne & Selena
  • "Linda Wants to Be ALone" - Gary Wilson
  • "Alone Again (Naturally)" - Gilbert O'Sullivan
  • "Without You" - Harry Nilsson
  • "Swerve" - iLoveMakonnen
  • "L$D" - A$AP Rocky
  • "Excuse Me" - A$AP Rocky
  • "Down 4 So Long (feat. Ezra Koenig & Despot) [Remx]" - iLoveMakonnen
  • "We Belong" - Pat Benatar
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