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Season 1

Episodes 1-14

Episode No. Title Date Guests Top 5 Comparison Year Notes
1 Episode 1 July 12, 2015 Rashida Jones
Mark Ronson
Desus Nice
The Kid Mero
--- Mark Ronson discusses his personal history and career
2 Episode 2 July 26, 2015 Rashida Jones
Tracy Clayton
Heben Nigatu
Florence Welch
Mairead Nash
--- Discussion of the London mid-2000s Thames Beat scene
3 Episode 3 August 9, 2015 Azealia Banks --- First appearance of Jake Longstreth, first mention of the Grateful Dead
4 Episode 4 August 23, 2015 Demi Adejuyigbe
Jamie Foxx
--- Jake's intro to the Eagles
5 Episode 5 September 6, 2015 Ethan Silverman
Emma Koenig
--- Jake's intro to Guided By Voices
6 Episode 6 September 20, 2015 Emma Koenig
Dave Longstreth
1985 Jake's intro to Thin Lizzy
7 Episode 7 October 4, 2015 Rashida Jones 1979 New York News, first mention of "Eileen's car", Jake discusses Fleetwood Mac's Tusk
8 Episode 8 October 18, 2015 Jonah Hill
--- Return to New York City
9 Episode 9 November 1, 2015 Rashida Jones
Jerrod Carmichael
--- Spooky music, Meat Loaf's "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)", and a call from Seinfeld2000
10 Episode 10 November 15, 2015 Joe Mande
Dev Hynes
2005 The War on Christmas, Seinfeld2000's revenge, Shania Twain, and political songs
11 Episode 11 November 29, 2015 Dave Macklovitch
Desus Nice
The Kid Mero
--- New Kids On the Block, the Canadian hip-hop scene, family, getting jacked, and an evil plot from Seinfeld2000
12 Episode 12 December 13, 2015 Emma Koenig
Alana Haim
Jerrod Carmichael
'Song of the Year' Grammy nominations Everyone's top three songs of 2015, Jake's LA rock block, and the Grammys
13 Episode 13 December 26, 2015 Rashida Jones
Alana Haim
Top Five Christmas Digital Downloads Ezra and Jake talk Christmas and seasonal songs, friends and fans call in
14 Episode 14 January 31, 2016 McKay Coppins
Dan Schnur 
Luis Calderin 
Jake Longstreth
Dave Longstreth
Iowa Hawkapellas
Kenny Lucas
Keith Lucas
Chris Tomson
--- Ezra talks politics and Bernie Sanders, then flies to Iowa City to perform at a Bernie Sanders rally

Season 2

Episodes 15-34

Episode No. Title Date Guests Top 5 Comparison Year Notes
15 Episode 15 April 10, 2016 Shelby Fero
Aisha Siddiqui
Eric Yahnker
The Kid Mero
Brandon Wardell
Dave Macklovitch
Desus Nice
Kevin Kusatsu
--- Ezra asks his guests about their political stance, opinions on Bernie Sanders, and who they'll vote for in the presidential election
16 Episode 16 April 24, 2016 Dave Macklovitch
Zachary Lipez
Rashida Jones
1968 Ezra squashes some Twitter beef and dives into a disappointing Top Five with Jake
17 Episode 17 May 8, 2016 Nikki Mayard
Ariel Rechtshaid
--- Deep dive on Beyoncé's "Hold Up", Vampire Weekend's "Step", and Usher's "Climax". First in-studio appearance of Seinfeld2000
18 Episode 18 May 22, 2016 Jake Longstreth
Mordechai Rubinstein
Rashida Jones
--- The Crew talks songs of the summer, Mister Mort stops by to talk fashion, and Jake calls to talk Doritos and Pepsi
19 Episode 19 June 5, 2016 Jonah Hill
Jake Longstreth
--- Harambe, Juggalos, 1999, and Pepsi in the Soviet Union
20 Episode 20 June 19, 2016 Ed Droste 1968 The rise and fall of Smash Mouth and Phil Collins, the history of the N.R.A., and the hits of 1968. Origin of In My Neighborhood
21 Episode 21 July 3, 2016 --- --- Billboard's most prominent artists from each of the 50 states
22 Songs of Summer July 17, 2016 Mike D 1968 Songs of the summer 2006, 1996, and 1986
23 Music of the RNC & DNC July 31, 2016 --- 1992 Smash Mouth's new single, the playlists of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, and the anniversary of the Eagles' breakup
24 Episode 24 August 14, 2016 --- 1984 Music of the Olympic games and optimistically sentimental music of the 1980s
25 Episode 25 August 28, 2016 Jerrod Carmichael  College Music Journal chart Cutthroat fashion, songs of the summer, and spending holidays alone
26 Fashion Week September 11, 2016 Jake Longstreth
Mordechai Rubinstein
--- Despot gets fish-hooked, Fritos, Oreos, and summer fashion
27 Where Are They Now? September 25, 2016 --- 1968 Second careers of notable musicians, "Hey Jude", and Home Depot music
28 Chris Baio and Hot Cheetos October 9, 2016 Chris Baio
Michael Moss
1976 Sweet, sour, and spicy snacks; novelty songs from the 70s.
29 Old Dudes and Snack Foods October 23, 2016 --- --- Phil Collins' beef with Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize, Bruce Springsteen's "Streets of Philadelphia"
30 Episode 30 November 6, 2016 Felix Biederman
Jennifer Saenz
1964 Presidential election, Frito-Lay, U2, and songs about car crashes
31 Episode 31 November 20, 2016 --- 1968 Reflections on the election, Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" deep dive
32 Love Me, I'm A Liberal December 4, 2016 Connor Kilpatrick
Reihan Salam
1967 Liberalism, John Lennon's "Imagine" deep dive, and the Big Mac
33 East Meets West December 18, 2016 Despot
Jonah Hill
Mike D
Connor Kilpatrick
#1 hits of 2016 & 1968 Socialist Christmas, coffee with Ivanka Trump, getting jacked, and Adam Curtis' 2016 documentary
34 The Chrismukkah Show December 24, 2016 Mike D
Jonah Hill
--- Holiday-themed special: Hanukkah, latkes, and favorite tracks of 2016

Season 3

Episodes 35-58

Episode No. Title Date Guests Top 5 Comparison Year Notes
35 Episode 35 January 29, 2017 Bart Elmore 1981 Frasier & Parks and Recreation theme songs, Coca-Cola, The Founder, Starbucks"Jonathan Low", & bedsheets
36 Grammy Special February 12, 2017 David & Stacy Berkowitz 1981 Grammy 'Song of the Year' nominations Gym music, Flamin Hot bagels, listener questions, and the Grammys
37 Oscars and Corporate Playlists February 26, 2017 John Crooke
Julia Cummings
1981 Academy Award for Best Original Song nominations Grammys recap, PlayNetwork retail music playlists, and Oscars music
38 The Rock vs. Vin Diesel 2020 March 12, 2017 Dave Longstreth 1981 Vin Diesel's "It Ain't Me" cover, celebrities running for office, Jake's Home Depot Playlist, "Shape of You" deep dive
39 The Seinfeld Theme Song March 22, 2017 Raj Haldar
Jonathan Wolff 
1989 Drake shouts out the Dead, racism under Trump, the Seinfeld theme song, and "The Living Years"
40 About that Pepsi Ad April 9, 2017 Desus Nice 1984 Kurt Cobain's death, Kendall Jenner's Pepsi ad, and another "Shape of You" deep dive
41 Coachella Vibes April 23, 2017 --- 1969 Coachella, GBV, Wendy's' "fresh" burgers, Harry Styles, and Thom Yorke's "beef" with Bruno Mars
42 Let's Talk Niall Horan May 7, 2017 --- 1976 Desert Island Modelos, the McCartney/Lennon dichotomy, Niall Horan's pursuit of Don Henley's vibe sparks an elaborate fantasy where Jake runs a hardware store in Nantucket and ends up befriending 1D
43 NYC with Lizzy Goodman May 21, 2017 Lizzy Goodman --- The New York City rock scene from 2001-2011, including The Strokes
44 Post-Punk June 4, 2017 --- 1967 5 Hour Energy, the Dead, and Jake's workout playlist
45 POP Quiz with Cazzie David June 18, 2017 Cazzie David 1989 Sweet Martha's, Dutch Wendy's, Seinfeld trivia, and clubbing
46 The Dorito Effect July 2, 2017 Mark Schatzker
Kenny Tulecki
Billboard's top 10 Roger Waters, Doritos, "Mask Off"
47 Live Concerts & TV Jingles July 16, 2017 Jimmy Harned
Jerry Cronin
1983 "$5 Foot Long" jingle, 8 Minute Cape Cod, and Jake bonding with his fictional son's ex-boyfriend
48 Jerrod, Steve & RJ July 30, 2017 Jerrod Carmichael
Steve Horelick
RJ Ritchie
1991 The Grateful Dead, Reading Rainbow theme song, Game of Thrones, working at the Genius Bar, Led Zeppelin, and grouchy David Crosby
49 Vermont's Finest August 13, 2017 Martha Rossini Olson
Chris Tomson
1979 Sweet Martha, Phish, Ben & Jerry's, grape ice cream, and fake baseball
50 The Full Crisis Crew August 27, 2017 Jake Longstreth Billboard's top 10 Eclipse watching, minimalistic travel, Ed Sheehan's "Shape of You" breaking down the sweet and the sour
51 Zachary Fox September 10, 2017 Zack Fox 1980 Zack Fox's morning routine, Taylor Swift's weak Kanye diss track, and celebrities' role in politics
52 Surprise! It's James Corden September 24, 2017 James Corden 1976 Tone, touch, and lyricism; Madison Rising, boys bands, and The Wizard of Oz starring Taylor Swift and Cardi B
53 Tribute To Tom Petty October 8, 2017 Josh Eells 1981 Jake's Wedding! Playlist, gun violence, and a "Free Fallin" deep dive
54 Eminem & The Tragically Hip October 22, 2017 --- 1978 Amazon/Whole Foods merger, Gord Downie, The Monsanto Years, and awfully hot coffee pot
55 Tim Heidecker and Portugal. The Man November 5, 2017 John Gourley
Tim Heidecker
--- The World Series, Austin Whole Foods, the year 2004, and politics
56 Grateful T Shirts November 19, 2017 Mordechai Rubinstein 1979 Grateful Dead t-shirts, posers, the palette of the 1970s, natural phenomena in songs, and Ed Sheeran's "Perfect"
57 Cazzie David & Grammy Nominees December 3, 2017 Gigi Sohn
Cazzie David
Grammy nominations for 'Best New Artist', 'Record of the Year', 'Song of the Year' Thanksgiving, net neutrality, and Grammy nominations
58 A Charli XCX Christmas December 17, 2017 Winter
Charli XCX
1971 Starbucking, "Perfect Duet", Christmas, and taking risks

Season 4

Episodes 59-83

Episode No. Title Date Guests Top 5 Comparison Year Notes
59 Sandwich Math January 14, 2018 Jeff Weiss 1978 Corporate social media humor, Tim Hortons, homemade five dollar foot longs, and Cardi B
60 Sublime Goldfish January 28, 2018 Carson Mell 1987 Goldfish and hummus, Sublime, Jake's Guide to the Dead, and Extra gum
61 Dystopian Diet Coke February 11, 2018 --- 1977 Grammys, Super Bowl, "Diet Coke. Because I can.", and "Maggie May"
62 Lady Doritos Town Hall February 25, 2018 Chloe Wise
Rashida Jones
Hannah Fidell
Scott Rogowsky
--- New age music, McDonald's, "Lady Doritos" and female consumerism, HG and the Dead, and "God's Plan"
63 The Two-Fridge Vibe March 11, 2018 Kyle (fan) Top Ten of 2018 The Oscars, Peter Rabbit, long distance relationships, international Diet Coke ads, and Lonnie's Dad
64 It Wasn't Baio March 25, 2018 Chris Baio 1972 "Seven Nation Army" remixes, the music of Oklahoma, the Shaggy/Sting collab, and a 90s sitcom Avengers crosover
65 Life Hacks with T-Pain April 8, 2018 T-Pain 1985 Alanis Morissette's "Ironic", Wendy's mixtape and menu hacks, and Phil Collins' "One More Night"
66 Juice Island April 22, 2018 Despot 1977 Kiefer Sutherland's music career, parody law, steroid-enhanced athletic competition, and the Eagles
67 Dev, Dave, Ariel, Despot May 6, 2018 Dev Hynes
Dave Longstreth
Ariel Rechtshaid
Jimothy Lacoste
Steven Hyden
1996 Alanis Morissette, Radiohead, Austin Powers, and lemurs
68 Sweet Chili Heat May 20, 2018 Phil Matarese
Chris Baio
1969 Travel, Pavement, Tic Tacs, Doritos, and novelty songs
69 OMG It's Alanis Morissette June 3, 2018 Alanis Morissette 1974 Jake's "Sweet Chili Heat", Jagged Little Pill, and Vampire Weekend tour preparations
70 Live From Ojai June 17, 2018 Richard Pictures
Chris Tomson
Chris Baio
--- Dead & Company, IHOB, Punisher Burgers, and backstage with Vampire Weekend
71 Dear Nora & Summer Hits July 1, 2018 Katy Davidson Songs of the Summer Vampire Weekend, Dear Nora, stealing from Walmart, and "California Girls"
72 Dave Longstreth July 15, 2018 Winter
Dave Longstreth
1964 Dead & Company, "Matty Groves", and an "I Get Around" deep dive
73 '77 vs '84 July 29, 2018 Martha Rossini Olson 1984
Ambitious freighting, Droga5, and Ghostbusters
74 This Show Rules August 12, 2018 Tim Carman
Brent Wolczynski
1999 "A-Punk", cold brew coffee, and Time Crisis' greatest hits
75 Cazzie David Returns August 26, 2018 Cazzie David Songs of the Summer Gum, frosted flakes, Supreme, Drake, and Katy Perry
76 Seinfeld2000's Origin Story September 9, 2018 --- 1977 Gas station attendants, John Mayer, James Taylor, and Eminem
77 Classic Rock Icons September 23, 2018 --- 1982 45 minute "Playing In the Band", canoe portaging, Jim Morrison, Paul McCartney, and Steve Miller
78 Welcome to My Life October 7, 2018 --- 1968 Dunkin', Steak-umm, The Doors, "Hey Dude", and "Shallow". First Patrickworld track
79 A Star is Born 2: Armageddon October 21, 2018 Mac McCann 1983 A Star Is Born merch, brand Twitter, and power-ballads
80 Jason Mantzoukas & Hannah Fidell November 4, 2018 Jason Mantzoukas
Hannah Fidell
1985 Richard Pictures, Jokerman and 80s Dylan, and the ASIBU
81 Be Grateful November 18, 2019 --- 1991 Sleep shirts, Mexico, Beto O'Rourke, Prince, and being grateful
82 Jokerman December 2, 2018 Vic Berger
Andrew Smith
1995 Cryptocurrency, General Mills, Conagra, and Jokerman
83 Baio and the Hot Sauce Challenge December 16, 2018 Chris Baio Apple Music Christmas vs. Billboard 2018 Spicy foods and Bruce Springsteen

Season 5

Episodes 84-107

Episode No. Title Date Guests Top 5 Comparison Year Notes
84 Jamflowman January 13, 2019 --- 1999 Aging millennials, "Jamflowman" deep dive, and the hits of 1999
85 "Harmony Hall" / "2021" January 27, 2019 Ariel Rechtshaid
Mihali Savoulidis
2013 New Vampire Weekend tracks, the Twiddle frontman discusses "Jamflowman", Seinfeld calls from Japan
86 The Grammys February 10, 2019 --- 1959 Jake and Ezra talk Maroon 5's Super Bowl show, The Grammys, and the hits of 1959
87 Despot Returns February 24, 2019 Despot 1946 Vampire Weekend's 2019 tour, "Harmony Hall" music video deep dive, and three US Presidents in a big egg
88 No Country for Jamflowmen March 10, 2019 --- 1985 Ariana Grande and Starbucks, Bebe Rexha and Lays, jam bands, and new Vampire Weekend singles
89 Winter Returns March 24, 2019 Winter 1977 vs. 1984 MTV Unplugged, Starbucks news, Imagine Dragons, and economic classes in the Top Five
90 Unbearably Buff April 7, 2019 --- 1969 Grateful Dead live tracks, newest Vampire Weekend tracks, and Christian music in the Top Five
91 With Bardo Martinez April 21, 2019 Bardo Martinez 1973 Japan, Sonic the Hedgehog curry, the Skull & Roses festival, and Panda Express
92 Father of the Bride May 5, 2019 Ariel Rechtshaid --- Production deep dive on the new Vampire Weekend album
93 Live from NYC May 19, 2019 Brandon Wardell
Jaboukie Young-White
Brendan O'Hare
Brian Koppelman
Tom Scharpling
Clare O'Kane
Brian Jones
Alana Haim
Ariel Rechtshaid
--- In New York for Vampire Weekend's three-set album release show
94 Scott Aukerman and Adam Scott June 2, 2019 Scott Aukerman
Adam Scott
1991 R U Talkin' R.E.M. RE: ME? crossover
95 The Mailbag June 16, 2019 --- --- Jake and Ezra dive into the Mail Bag to read listener emails
96 Live from Chicago June 30, 2019 Brendan Kelly --- A run-down of the Vampire Weekend Chicago Father's Day show, plus Mountain Brews and Nihilist Arby's
97 TC AMA July 14, 2019 --- --- Jake and Ezra answer questions posed by listeners on Twitter
98 Rock Beefs August 11, 2019 --- --- Rock beefs and cloning
99 Conspiracy Theories with Mark Foster August 18, 2019 Mark Foster 1999 Political conspiracy theories & LFO's "Summer Girls" analysis
100 Episode 100 September 8, 2019 Winter
Mordechai Rubinstein
Cousin Asher
Ariel Rechtshaid
--- Radiohead, Vampire Weekend at Madison Square Garden, and 100 years of Time Crisis
101 Hella Mega Flaming Hot September 22, 2019 --- 1992 Fall Out Boy, Brian Wilson, the Flamin' Hot Cheetos movie, and Shawn Mendes vs. Justin Bieber
102 With Justin Vernon October 6, 2019 Jake Longstreth
Justin Vernon
Top artists from Wisconsin & New Jersey Bon Iver's Justin Vernon talks Wisconsin, jam bands, and touring
103 With Huey Lewis October 20, 2019 Huey Lewis 1985 Huey Lewis details his life and career
104 Rise and Shine with Cazzie David November 3, 2019 Cazzie David --- Mexico, nausea, Billy Joel, the MCU, Kylie Jenner, and popcorn and raisins
105 Bernie, Beto and Bob November 17, 2019 --- 1972 Democratic candidates for 2020, Trump's children's desires to be cool, and guzzling down martinis
106 Gratefulsgiving with Hannah Fidell and Kyle Field December 1, 2019 Hannah Fidell
Kyle Field
--- Olive Garden, Gratefulsgiving, changing seasons, and the Dead's Robert Hunter
107 Grammys, Garcia, and Goose December 15, 2019 Steven Hyden Most Streamed Songs of 2019 Jerry Garcia memorabilia, jam bands, Jet, and the fall of Seinfeld2000

Season 6

Episodes 108-138

Episode No. Title Date Guests Top 5 Comparison Year Notes
108 Happy New Year January 19, 2020 Chris Kaskie
Amy Brown
2006 Working on New Year's, Pitchfork's Jet review, Wendy's Twitter, and Bieber's "Yummy"
109 Breaking Down the Grammys February 2, 2020 Seinfeld2000 1993 & 1967 Being high, the Grammys, and Super Bowl commercials
110 What About Vampire February 16, 2020 --- 1988 VW at the Bernie rally, Ferrero vs. Ferrara, "Sweet Chili Heat", and Billie Joe Armstrong
111 Time To Make The Donuts March 1, 2020 Megan Coyne
Pearl Gabel
1978 Goose at the Troubadour, Butterfinger, Krispy Kreme vs. Dunkin', Fred the Baker, and @NJGov
112 FaceTime Crisis March 15, 2020 --- --- Life during COVID-19, Vietnam vets in the woods, and Gaga vs. Madonna
113 Imagine What About Vampire March 22, 2020 --- --- Home Depot, the celebrity "Imagine" video, and Kenny Rogers' chicken chain
114 A TC Hangout March 29, 2020 Winter
Cazzie David
Larry David
Tim Heidecker
--- The Crew talks continuing life in quarantine and is joined by friends on FaceTime
115 Dylan, The Dead, and Despot April 5, 2020 Dave Longstreth
The Kid Mero
--- The ethos of the Dead, the Chunky Dunky, Dirty Projectors, "Murder Most Foul", Mero's world record, and the Unabomber
116 Mask Off with Ed O'Brien and Jerry Saltz April 12, 2020 Jerry Saltz
Ed O'Brien
--- The McDonald's arches, Steak-umm Twitter, coffee, art, Phish, and John Prine
117 In These Strange and Uncertain Times April 19, 2020 Nathan Allebach
Brian Jones
--- Making bad art, The Bellamy Brothers' "Old Hippie", Steak-umm's online voice, Chet Haze, *NSYNC, and Drake
118 Old Wisdom with David Crosby and The Bellamy Brothers April 26, 2020 The Bellamy Brothers
David Crosby
--- TikTok, dining habits at the White House, hippies, Jim Morrison, and Neil Young
119 It's Gonna Be May May 3, 2020 Sam Kass
Brian Jones
Rashida Jones
Jia Tolentino
--- Tree talk, White House cooking, No Strings Attached, and Sweetgreen
120 HBD FOTB May 10, 2020 Steven Hyden --- Wind, basketball, the Strokes, GBV, and FOTB
121 Classic Rock Talk May 17, 2020 Hank Azaria --- Red Lobster, American rock bands, and "Big Blue"
122 Cheese Pizza and Chili Peppers May 24, 2020 --- 1977 Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chuck E. Cheese, and Jeff Bezos
123 Alex, Winter, and Mero June 7, 2020 Alex Vitale
The Kid Mero
--- Discussions on police brutality, protests, and racism
124 The Lost Episode June 14, 2020 Brendan Dunne
Jonah Hill
Aaron Olson
1985 Beards, sneakers, Jersey Shore, and cars
125 What About Rage, Man? June 21, 2020 Jonah Weiner 1992 You've Got Mail, Rage Against the Machine, and MTV Unplugged
126 Bruce Hornsby July 5, 2020 Bruce Hornsby 1986 Rats, DVDs, Reese's Cups, and Jerry Garcia
127 Ben & Jerry's & Nike's July 19, 2020 Chris Miller 1978 Stadium foods, Grateful Dead Nike Dunks, Ben & Jerry's, and TikTok songs
128 With Danielle Haim August 2, 2020 Danielle Haim --- Mountain Brews, baseball cards, Sublime, and Taylor Swift
129 Green Day and Yellow Mustard August 16, 2020 --- 1994 French's mustard beer, Green Day, cigars, and horny music
130 TC Technology August 30, 2020 Brian Jones 2000 TC book club, Whole Foods, boy bands, and guacamole technology
131 Chaos and Candy September 13, 2020 Tom O'Neill
Ryan Reiss
--- The Dead, Crocs, Charles Manson, Reese's recipes, and McDonald's
132 I Got What I Got and Floating Docks September 27, 2020 --- Country Streaming Charts The Travis Scott meal, RS's 500 Greatest Albums, the Dewgarita, and country music
133 What About PA with Daniel Ralston October 11, 2020 Daniel Ralston 2008 Van Halen, Jolly Ranchers, Hershey's, and TikTok
134 Frederic Remington: Cancelled October 25, 2020 Uncle Ted
Spike Feresten
1995 Kit Kats, Seinfeld, PT Cruisers, and "Kiss from a Rose"
135 Time Crisis Election Special November 8, 2020 Aaron Olson
Hannah Fidell
Nick Robinson
--- McRibs, Mountain Brews, and A Teacher
136 Grateful Dead and Garfield Eats November 22, 2020 Nathen Mazri
Bob Weir
--- The Garfield restaurant, Bob Weir's personal history, and a "Stan" deep dive
137 Kind Vibes with Cazzie David December 6, 2020 Cazzie David 1959 Kind bars, Guitar Center, John Mayer, Lady Gaga Oreos, "herm yarl", and Bobby Darin
138 With Rashida Jones and Winter December 20, 2020 Winter
Rashida Jones
1992 Rock vs. R&B Charts Burritos, fast food marketing, Duck Donuts, and Bill Murray

Season 7

Episodes 139-Present

Episode No. Title Date Guests Top 5 Comparison Year Notes
139 Herm Yarl: Origins January 17, 2021 Dave Ferch
Jack Endino
Billboard's Alternative chart 1995 "Yarling", Furbys, PUSA, and snakes
140 The Company Store January 31, 2021 --- 1984 New mic set-ups, Rush, "harmonicagate", Culture Club, and the suburbs