This page is used to feature prominent fans of Time Crisis who create original content inspired by and relating to the show. This content includes visual art, bootleg merch, music with Time Crisis-specific lyrics, or any other Time Crisis-y things which fans may create. Fan Content Creators are listed below. For help, or if you'd like to be included on this page please see the 'Guidelines' section.

Fan Content Creators


Visual Art

Bootleg Merch


If you would like to be included on this page please comment below with information about where to find your orignal Time Crisis inspired content.

If you are a Fan Content Creator with a page listed above you are more than welcome to edit your page at any time, as much as you like. Please be aware that the majority of pages on the Wiki, including the ones listed above, are open to edits from other community members. If your page is being edited unfairly, please contact an admin.

Page Creation

If you are approved to be listed as a Fan Content Creator on this page, you are welcome to make your own page detailing your work. Here is a general outline of how your page may be laid out:

TITLE - Please title your page with your name or username for which you are most well-known. If your username references a Time Crisis joke or topic, it may be helpful to place the word (fan) after your name to clear up any confusion with other pages on the Wiki. Examples would be: "8 Minute Cape Cod (fan)", "Lonnie's Dad (fan)".

Please describe yourself or your work at the top of the page. A picture is a great inclusion too.

SOCIAL MEDIA - You may include links to social media accounts on which your work is also featured. You may also include links to sites such as Redbubble or others where your work is for sale, but you MUST NOT INCLUDE any advertisements or solicitations of business on this Wiki. It is against the Fandom Terms of Service and will be removed.

YOUR WORK - Feature your work as you see fit. If you create visual work, please take advantage of the Gallery and Slideshow tools. They are a great way to organize your work in a neat manner. Videos may also be embedded in a page, and can be uploaded from YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion.

If you or your work has appeared or been featured or mentioned on an episode of Time Crisis, you may include a link to that episode's page.

All Fan Content Creator pages will be under the category of "Fan".

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