The Grateful Dead was an American rock band formed in 1965 in Palo Alto, California. Ranging from quintet to septet, the band is known for its eclectic style, which fused elements of rock, folk, country, bluegrass, blues, gospel, modal jazz, reggae, experimental music, psychedelia, and space rock, for live performances of lengthy instrumental jams, and for their devoted fan base, known as "Deadheads". These various influences were distilled into a diverse and psychedelic whole that made the Grateful Dead "the pioneering Godfathers of the jam band world".[1] The Grateful Dead are one of Jake's favorite bands and the band has been discussed frequently on the show.


Episodes where the Dead are discussed or their music played.

Episode No. Date Details
3 August 9, 2015

Jake tries to convince the youth the Dead aren't trash. "Scarlet Begonias", "Box of Rain", & "Jack Straw" are played

4 August 23, 2015 Mentioned by name
5 September 6, 2015 Mentioned by name
15 April 10, 2016 Mentioned by name, "Ship of Fools" played
21 July 3, 2016 Jake states they should have been chosen as Billboard's most prominent California artist
83 December 16, 2018 Mentioned by name, "Sugar Magnolia" played
84 January 13, 2019 The hierarchy of jam bands is discussed, Bob Weir's retirement living situation, and Jerry's views regarding the ephemeral nature of live music. "The Music Never Stopped" is played
86 February 10, 2019 Cover of The Crickets' "Not Fade Away" discussed. Three versions of "Stagger Lee" played
87 February 24, 2019 Dead cover bands discussed. Dead & Company's live version of "Playin' In the Band" is played. "Bird Song (Live)" is played
88 March 10, 2019 The hardship of the band finding audience in southern California is discussed. "Sugar Magnolia" and "West L.A. Fadeaway" are played
89 March 24, 2019 Steve Miller's "feud" with the Dead is discussed. "Promised Land" is mentioned
90 April 7, 2019 Spring 1990 is discussed along with Ezra and Jake's preferred eras of Dead live recordings. The Skull & Roses Festival and Richard Pictures' setlist is discussed. Several songs are played, see episode page for details.
91 April 21, 2019 Richard Pictures' appearance at The Skull & Roses Festival is discussed in detail. "Not Fade Away / Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad" and "Playing In the Band" are played
92 May 5, 2019 Jerry Garcia is mentioned frequently and the Crew speculates as to whether he ever watched Seinfeld
93 May 19, 2019 The band is mentioned a few times by name throughout the episode. Ezra mentions they had played a show at Columbia University at the time his father was a student there. "Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)" is played.
94 June 2, 2019 Mentioned by name
95 June 16, 2019 "Ripple" and "Shakedown Street" are played
96 June 30, 2019 Discussion of the Richard Pictures set in Chicago, and comparisons of Mountain Brews' sound to the Dead. A live "It Must Have Been the Roses" is played.
97 July 14, 2019 Mentioned by name. A live "Promised Land" is played.
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