Jokerman can refer to both the font created by Andrew Smith, or the song of the same name by Bob Dylan.


Jokerman font was created in 1995 by deisgner Andrew Smith. On episode 79, Smith was interviewed and stated that the font was indeed named after the song by Bob Dylan. Ezra is an avid fan of the font, posting many examples sent in by fans to his Instagram story. A t-shirt giveaway in November 2018 featured a black long sleeve shirt which said "8 Minute Cape Cod" in Futura font (a font used frequently by Vampire Weekend) on the front, and "This Show Rules" in Jokerman font on the back.


"Jokerman" is a song by Bob Dylan released on his 1983 album Infidels. Vampire Weekend have been rehearsing a cover of the song to play live, and have a version which reaches 11 minutes in length.


Episodes in which Jokerman - either the font, song, or both - is mentioned.

Episode No. Date Details
80 November 4, 2018 Discussion of the Jokerman font, and the Global Coffeehouse font family
82 December 2, 2018 Designer Andrew Smith is interviewed by phone to discuss the Jokerman font. He reveals it is named after the song by Bob Dylan
83 December 16, 2018 Ezra discusses the version of "Jokerman" which Vampire Weekend performed at the GQ Live event in Los Angeles on December 8th.
84 January 13, 2019 "Jokerman" played, which is compared and contrasted to Twiddle's "Jamflowman". Both songs' characters are elevated to deity status within the TCU
85 January 27, 2019 "Jokerman" is mentioned during the "Jamflowman" discussion with Twiddle frontman Mihali Savoulidis
86 February 10, 2019 "Jokerman" mentioned by name in a listener e-mail
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