The Time Crisis Mail Bag is a segment where the hosts read a selection of e-mails sent in by listeners of the show. The segment began when fans tracked down Jake Longstreth's personal e-mail address and began sending him messages relating to topics covered on air. Eventually a new e-mail ( was created for fans to use. The Gmail address references the 8 Minute Cape Cod running joke.


Episode No. Date Details
6 September 20, 2015 Ezra reads some questions sent in via Twitter
83 December 16, 2018 Listener writes in to demand more recognition for Bruce Springsteen as a popular topic of discussion on the show
86 February 10, 2019 Aaron asks the Crew who the best musical "Man" is (Rocket Man, Secret Agent Man, etc.), and Cole inquires about Richard Pictures opening for Vampire Weekend on tour
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