Patrick backstage with Ezra in Montréal, September 8, 2019

Patrick, or Patrickworld, is a fan of the show who sends in parodies of popular songs featuring Time Crisis-specific lyrics.

Social Media

Twitter - @getpatrick
Soundcloud - Patrickworld


Episodes featuring Patrickworld's songs

Episode No. Date Details
78 October 7, 2018 "VAMPIRE SLAYER"
82 December 2, 2018 "thank u, ez #BeGrateful", a re-write of "thank u, next" by Ariana Grande
83 December 16, 2018 "Baby, It's Totally Your Call", a re-write of Dean Martin's controversial Christmas classic "Baby, It's Cold Outside"
87 February 24, 2019 Declared a Friend of the Show, and highly praised during the episode. "Shallow Birthday" (re-write of "Shallow" from A Star Is Born), "TC Man" (re-write of Twiddle's "Jamflowman"), "It's 2019" (re-write of "Meant to Be" by Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line), and "Small Charcoal Grill" (re-write of Ariana Grande's "7 rings") are all played.
90 April 7, 2019 "Veal parm on a PJ" (re-write of "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored" by Ariana Grande) and "Birthday Mode" (re-write of Travis Scott's "Sicko Mode") are played
99 August 18, 2019 "The Crisis Crew Is Back!", a re-write of Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back in Town". Seinfeld2000 suggests that Patrick calls in to the show.
100 September 8, 2019 "TC Summer", a re-write of LFO's "Summer Girls"
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