Jason Richards, known by his online username Seinfeld2000, is a comedian and journalist. His humorous social media accounts focus on the idea of what the 1990s television show Seinfeld would be like if it were written and airing today. He is currently a producer and co-host on Time Crisis, and runs the Time Crisis twitter account where he will occasionally host giveaway contests.

Number Crunch

On various episodes Seinfeld2000 is asked by another host (most often Ezra ) to do "a number crunch". This request refers to fact-checking, researching, or calculating information relevant to the topic of discussion. Often this request is not feasible to accomplish immediately, but can sometimes entail double-checking something on Wikipedia.

Social Media

Twitter - @Seinfeld2000
Instagram - @seinfeld2000
Time Crisis Twitter - @timecrisis2000


Episode No. Date Details
9 November 1, 2015 Seinfeld2000 calls in to make the false announcement that Seinfeld is returning to television, angering Ezra
10 November 15, 2015 Calls in to apologize with the plot of a Seinfeld episode set in 2017, takes revenge by tricking Ezra into advertising Samsung
11 November 29, 2015 Calls pretending to be Apple CEO Tim Cook, announcing Time Crisis' cancellation
17 May 8, 2016 First in-studio appearance, Rickrolls Ezra, angering him
83 December 16, 2018 Seinfeld is ordered by Ezra to bake frosted flakes individually at home for the next week, and his job is on the line as a listener writes in with some impressive number crunches
85 January 27, 2019 Calls in from Japan to report on the wholesome quality of Japan's fast food social media
91 April 21, 2019 Discusses the Japan t-shirt drop and Sonic the Hedgehog curry
92 May 5, 2019 Father of the Bride deep dive, and a discussion about Jerry Seinfeld
93 May 19, 2019 On location in New York City for Vampire Weekend's album release show at Webster Hall, and a visit to Tom's Restaurant
94 June 2, 2019 R U Talkin' R.E.M. RE: ME? crossover
95 June 16, 2019 A dive into the Mail Bag
97 July 14, 2019 Answering Twitter questions posed by listeners


Episode No. Date Details
84 January 13, 2019 Ezra and Jake state that he is out of the country
87 Febryary 24, 2019 Mentioned for his love of Bebe Rexha
88 March 10, 2019 Again mentioned during discussion of Bebe Rexha.
89 March 24, 2019 Mentioned by name
90 April 7, 2019 Mentioned by name
96 June 30, 2019 Mentioned by name
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