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    - ("uh-SEE-boo") and acronym for the A Star Is Born Universe.
  • Borgesian - Reminiscent, of or in the style of, the writing of Jorge Luis Borges, with emphasis on fantasy or magic realism. Common tropes may be labyrinths, mirrors, reality, identity, the nature of time, and infinity.
  • Brutal - Used by Jake to describe things that are unpleasant or harshly realistic.
  • Buff - A term used by Jake to refer to things or situations that are difficult or uncool. "A buff traffic sitch."
  • Chop it Up - A term describing the action of chatting casually with someone.
  • Crisis Crew - "The Crisis Crew" can refer to the hosts and people involved in making Time Crisis, but can also be a collective term to refer to fans and listeners of the show.
  • Crunchy - Describing the aesthetic of environmentally and politically conscious hippies. The term can be applied to food (granola, vegetarian/vegan lifestyles, farmers markets, organic produce), clothing (loose fits, natural fibers, sandals, bucket hats), or music (jam bands, relaxed classic rock). Think 90s Dead Heads.
  • CT - Used to refer to the state of Connecticut (Jake's birthplace) or Vampire Weekend drummer Chris Tomson.
  • The Days Between - Originating from the Grateful Dead song "The Days Between", the phrase came to refer to the dates from August 1st to August 9st - Jerry Garcia's birth and death days, respectively. Ezra and Jake use this phrase to refer to gaps of time between two events, such as the years between Jake's birthday (February 3, 1977) and Ezra's (April 8, 1984).
  • Double/Triple Screening - The act of using multiple electronic devices (TV, computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) at one time.
  • 8 Minute Cape Cod - A running joke from Episode 47 based on the concept of Vampire Weekend performing an eight minute long version of their song "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa".
  • Eileen's Car - Jake and Dave Longstreth use this term to refer to the musical and emotional palette of songs they heard in their babysitter's car as kids. First mentioned in Episode 7.
  • Enemy of the Show - Steve Miller became the enemy of Time Crisis after it was discovered he disrespected the Grateful Dead after Jerry Garcia's death, and even after performing live with the band. First discussed in Episode 77. Miller was revealed to be a good friend of Bob Weir in Episode 136, and was then deemed to no longer be and enemy, but a Friend of the Show.
  • Friend of the Show - A term used to describe frequent or notable guests. These include: Rashida Jones, Ariel Rechtshaid, Jamie Foxx, Mark Ronson, Seinfeld2000, Jonah Hill, iLoveMakonnen, Mordechai Rubinstein, Cazzie David, Patrickworld, Brandon Wardell, Holly McClarin and more.
  • Heads - Short for "Dead Heads", the term for fans of the Grateful Dead. This term can also be used alone to mean dedicated fans of any media, or with a specific media such as TC Heads or VW Heads.
  • Number Crunch - In various episodes, Seinfeld2000 is asked by another host or guest (most often Ezra) to perform "a number crunch". This request refers to fact-checking, researching, or calculating information relevant to the topic of discussion. Often this request is not feasible to accomplish immediately, but can sometimes entail double-checking something on Wikipedia.
  • Rock's Played Out (Dog) - A phrase told to Jake by a previous co-worker to sum-up his feelings that rock music was no longer relevant. The phrase is used in several episodes, but explained in Episode 86.
  • Rough Stuff (Folks) - A phrase often used by Jake to describe something he deems to be distasteful, idiotic, or 
  • Silverback Millennial - A term invented by Ezra to refer to a millennial who is at the older end of the generation's age range.
  • Tasteful Palette - Used to describe Jake's ideal musical sound. Generally applied to classic rock from the early to mid 70s, such as the Eagles and the Grateful Dead. For specific examples, see the Tasteful Palette Playlist.
  • The TCU - The Time Crisis Universe refers to the canon and continuity of Time Crisis episodes and subjects, as well as referring to the time and space in which Time Crisis occurs.
  • This Show Rules - Used by Jake in Episode 74 and later during conversations that are particularly meta or concentrated on inane details, such as the populations of various cities in New York.
  • A Tight Eight - When the formative years of one's life - ages 14 to 22, typically the 8 years of high school and college -  occur within the same decade. E.g. Jake Longstreth 1991-1999.
  • Tone, Touch, and Lyricism - Jake's set of qualities by which to judge music, first laid out when discussing John Mayer's guitar performance with Dead & Company in Episode 52.
  • Tri-State Area - The greater New York City metropolitan area which spans the three states of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.
  • Two Fridge Household - First used in Episode 63, a Two Fridge Household is a home in which there are two refrigerators - usually one in the kitchen and another in a garage or basement which is used for snacks. This term is often used in relation to discussions about Lonnie's Dad.