The Time Crisis Hotline is a segment in which guests call in to the show via phone.


Episode No. Date Details
9 November 1, 2015 While not officially called the Hotline yet, Seinfeld2000 calls in to become the first guest via phone
10 November 15, 2015 Again an unofficial Hotline segment, Seinfeld2000 calls in with an apology which turns quickly to revenge
11 November 29, 2015 Unofficial, Seinfeld2000 calls pretending to be Apple CEO Tim Cook, announcing Time Crisis' cencellation
13 December 26, 2015 Rashida Jones, Alana Haim, and listeners Alice and Kaitlyn call in to talk Christmastime
14 January 31, 2016 McKay Coppins, Dan Schnur, and Luis Calderin call in to discuss Bernie Sanders and the presidential election
15 April 10, 2016 Ezra calls multiple guests to ask their chosen candidate for the presidential election: Aisha Siddiqui, Desus and Mero, Dave Macklovitch, Kevin Kusatsu
16 April 24, 2016 Ezra calls Dave Macklovitch, iLoveMakonnen, and Rashida Jones to discuss Prince's death. First use of the Hotline drop
17 May 8, 2016 Nikki Mayard calls in to talk Beyoncé's "Hold Up"
18 May 22, 2016 Jake calls in to discuss the dark history of Doritos and PepsiCo
19 June 5, 2016

Jake calls with former PepsiCo CEO Donald Kendall's personal history and ties with Richard Nixon and the Soviet Union

20 June 19, 2016 Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste talks the presidential election post Bernie Sanders
85 January 27, 2019 Mihali Savoulidis of Twiddle discusses "Jamflowman", Seinfeld2000 calls from Japan
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