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Winter is a freelance software programmer and consultant best known for his goal to visit every Starbucks location in the world, an activity which he calls "Starbucking". For a Starbucks location to "count", it must be owned by the company, rather than licensed (e.g. a Starbucks inside of a Target would not count). Winter drinks a sample-sized cup of drip coffee at each location and takes a picture for his website. On August 28, 2019 he visited his 15,000th Starbucks location. Winter is also a competitive Scrabble player, having participated in over 7,000 tournament games. Winter is a frequent guest and topic on Time Crisis. Information pulled from Winter's Wikipedia page.

Social Media 

Twitter  - @winterene
Instagram - @winterene
Facebook  - StarbucksEverywhere
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Episode No. Date Details
58 December 17, 2017 Discusses Starbucking
72 July 15, 2018 Talks competitive Scrabble and global Starbucking
89 March 24, 2019 Starbucks news and Ariana Grande's Cloud Macciato
100 September 8, 2019 Winter and Despot go Starbucking